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"[We received] our copy of the student film Sydney acted in for her back in September, The Imaginary Cloud. We watched it tonight and Sydney was so enthusiastic and loved seeing herself on screen. I can’t really explain how it felt as a mom to watch her watch herself, other than… I got warm fuzzies at her genuine excitement. Not sure that is the best way to describe it. But, I am more convinced she has connected the dots in terms of what we’re doing with your workshop on a weekly basis and why.
...It was such a wonderful opportunity for Sydney to participate in, and I must say, we absolutely adored all 8 minutes of her film."

Christina Mullins
Mother of Texas Actors Workshop student

"I had the pleasure of attending a showcase with Texas Actors Workshop in San Antonio Texas, taught by John McAteer. His students were spanning all ages. They were professional, hard working, dedicated, and prepared. Each scene and exercise segment was solid, from beginners to advanced. It’s great to see this incredible acting class resource for actors in San Antonio/South Texas. They can compete with any professional actor in Texas. I signed several from this workshop!"

Linda McAlister - Owner/ Agent
Linda McAlister Talent

"Paulina and I are grateful that we found Texas Actors Workshop. My daughter attended many other acting classes in San Antonio, and even though she learned something from each one of them, I felt she had so much more to offer. I wanted her to be challenged beyond the basics. As I browsed through the internet, along with some awesome references, we decided to go observe your class. That was the best decision I’ve made for my daughter in providing her an opportunity to fulfill her goals. You have opened a very important door to begin her path in obtaining a professional acting career.

Great big thanks to you and Tommy for all your dedication and commitment in continuing assisting in preparing Paulina professionally.

We are in for the long run!"

Patty Chavez
Mother of Texas Actors Workshop student

"John and Tommy at Texas Actors Workshop made a huge difference in my son's acting career! They are both very friendly and they really know how to speak to and work with children. My son, Charlie, started to attend their classes back in the summer of 2015 and we were allowed to attend 1 free class before we committed to paying for more which was very nice. Of course, my son LOVED the class so we started going weekly. John is knowledgeable about what exactly casting directors look for and gave my son a great improv lesson. All of their tips and tricks really seemed to help my son move forward in his acting career. The night before I filmed an at-home video audition for a major lead role, I sent my son to John's class with the script. My son came out of class with all his lines memorized and nailed his audition. Three weeks later we got the call. HE BOOKED THE ROLE! I really owe it all to Texas Actors Workshop. Texas Actors Workshop also has close ties with the San Antonio Spurs production company. If you are looking for a great acting coach, look no further!"

Jamie Reid and Charlie Ray Reid

"When I first got a referral list of acting classes from my daughter's agent there was something about Texas Actors Workshop's website that caught my attention. We started with John, and shortly after big things began to happen! Everything I ever researched and read about being an actor from Texas, John was making it a reality for us. I truly believe if you're a student at Texas Actors Workshop and have a vision to be a successful actor/ actress it will happen for your with the help of this amazing coach!"

Samantha George
Mother of Texas Actors Workshop student, Krislyn Gonzales

"Texas Actors Workshop was an amazing creative space to foster my skills as an actor, and it also provided me with concrete, realistic approaches to begin a career in the industry. John's credibility and professionalism as well as his knowledge about the industry is unparalleled. I am incredibly indebted to Texas Actors Workshop, particularly because it gave me the communication, public speaking, confidence, social, and professional skills which have allowed me to achieve many of my academic and extracurricular goals outside of the acting world."

-Ruiqi He
Texas Actors Workshop alumnus
Freshman at Harvard College
2014-2015 National Junior Classical League President

"Nuestra experiencia ha sido muy buena!!! Angélica estuvo en Texas Actors Workshop desde los seis años (ahora 9), usando la imaginación aprendió a escribir su monólogo, adquirió gran seguridad para estar frente al público y las cámaras. Las clases la han ayudado mucho! Incluso en sus compromisos de canto, recuerdo al Sr.John diciéndole que cuando esté en show y de repente hay algún error, ella debe de seguir como si nada pasara, el público no se debe dar cuenta de que algo no previsto esta pasando y así ha seguido sus consejos y enseñanzas. Angélica tuvo la oportunidad de trabajar con el Sr.Pablo Velíz en la película Cartoneo y Nopalitos, como Karlita, (el personaje principal), fué padrísimo!!!!! Hace seis meses decidimos mudarnos a Los Angeles, y nos encanta! Y con la recomendación del Sr.John ahora pertenece a la Agencia Savage y con Ms. Lea, Manager. Muchas gracias John por guiar a Angélica estos años, haber sido parte de tu clase fue increíble!! Te queremos!!!!!"

Veronica Rodriguez
Madre de Angelica Vargas, estudiante de Texas Actors Workshop

"Our experience has been just great!! Angelica was at Texas Actors' classes since she was six-years-old (now 9), using her imagination she learned how to write her monologue, she became confident to be in front of people and the camera, this classes helped her a lot! Even for her singing performances: I remember Mr. John telling her that whenever she is at a show, she has to keep going if something is wrong and she has been doing great!! She got her first opportunity to work with Mr. Pablo Véliz in his movie, Cartoneo y Nopalitos, as Karlita (lead character), it was awesome!!!. Six months ago, we decided to come to LA and we are just loving it!! With Mr. John's recommendation we got a very important appointment to meet with Ms. Jennifer at Savage Agency and Ms. Lea, now her Agency and Manager, thank you so much John, it has been great! We love you!!"

Veronica Rodriguez
Mother of Texas Actors Workshop acting student Angelica Vargas

"I'm currently a fine arts student with a focus in acting at The University of Texas at Austin. My final grade for my acting class was to prepare a monologue & have a mock interview with my professor who has spent nearly 40 years in the acting industry. I did not realize how entirely well Texas Actors Workshop had prepared me until I saw how inexperienced and misinformed some of the other students were during their final presentation. John & Tommy really know what they're talking about & have put me way ahead of the curve. "

Houston McRae
Texas Actors Workshop alumnus

"What a joy it has been to have the Texas Actors work with us in our role play scenarios. My team is involved in training law enforcement officers in Crisis Intervention Team training, which involves the training of Officers/Participants in the de escalation of persons who have a mental illness and who may be in crisis. The actors have been exceptional by researching diagnoses and coming up with material helpful to the situation. They have been receptive with specific training and take instruction well. They are truly dependable and have been an asset in assisting by providing realistic training."

Sgt. Romana Lopez
San Antonio Police Department

"I love your school and how you and Tom value each of your students and how you really boost their morale, as far as acting goes. Your work ethics and customer service is by far exemplary and I would refer anyone who's interested in acting to your school. Thank you so much.
Best Regards,"

Jean Garcia
Mother of TAW student

"I wanted to say, thank you. You guys helped give me a voice when I was younger, and today I'm a much more confident person, and whenever I am nervous, I always reflect back to you guys.
Just wanted to say thanks, and hope your business flourishes in 2012 more than ever."

Mark Dee
Texas Actors Workshop alumnus

"Ever since I started going to Texas Actors Workshop, I knew I needed work; hard work. John and Tommy have been extremely patient with me and have stuck to their word from Day 1; to not give up on anyone. Sticking with the classes for several months now, has gotten me the lead role for the newest feature (Cartoneo y Nopalitos) from Sundance filmmaker Pablo Véliz. This ride has been tough, but amazing all together, and I love every minute of it. I can only imagine what the future will hold while I stick with this program. Thank you, John and Tommy."

Mayra De La Garza
Texas Actors Workshop alumnus

"Thanks again for the invitation to your 2008 showcase. It was so well run and thought out and your staff could not have been any better. There is a lot of talent in San Antonio and you’re putting them on the map by training them and presenting them in the showcase. I was really impressed by many of your actors. That’s a big testament to your training of them."

Lupe Valdez
Acclaim Talent, Austin

"Texas Actors Workshop has a long standing reputation for quality on-camera coaching. The advantage of specific on-camera training prepares regional actors for a successful transition to quickly become working actors in L.A. John's professional background and expertise, as well as his attention to detail of training has created a strong platform to launch actors' careers. We do not miss a showcase for Texas Actors Workshop, as we consistently find quality actors who are trained and ready to make the transition to a larger market."

Lea Patrick
Rage Talent, Los Angeles

"I trained with Texas Actors Workshop for 5 years, and over that time I know I improved as an actor thanks to John's coaching. I also learned so much about how to go into an audition with the confidence and practical skills needed to book it. Then, I was able to make the transition to Los Angeles smoothly and easily, and WITH a great agent thanks to all the practical details in the workshop and John's LA connections. And even though I am not actively training with John anymore--since I am in LA--he is still there for me to ask advice on anything! He is so dedicated to his students' success, so I highly recommend his coaching."

-Christy Keller

"My son Perry's experience with John and the Texas Actors Workshop has provided him with many opportunities both in San Antonio and Los Angeles, through the many contacts John has throughout the acting community. He has participated in character molding events, building confidence and providing him with lifetime experiences to grow from. The lessons he has learned are beyond the acting techniques he has gained from this relationship."

Cary Straus
Mother of Texas Actors Workshop acting student Perry Straus

"You have been instrumental in my son Brian's development as an actor. Your program focused on developing the skills needed for him to succeed in the commercial and film industry. Your encouragement and methods were key in his success. Through your showcase Brian was able to secure both an Agent in California as well as here in Texas. His success is directly attributable to your coaching. I can not thank you enough for all you have done and continue to do for him.

Thanks a million for all you do."

Best regards,
John Nicholas,
Father of Texas Actors Workshop acting student Brian Nicholas

"We started taking classing with John to help Maddy be more confident when speaking in front of an audience. She loved everything about acting and has been training and working for 4 years. We have an agent in Austin as well as an agent and manager in LA. Texas Actors Workshop has taught Maddy that hard work and persistence pays off! Her future is very bright!"

Melinda Keller,
Mother of Texas Actors Workshop acting alumnus Madison Keller

(For our latest reviews posted on Google, click here.)

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