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Latest Reviews of Texas Actors Workshop posted on Google:

Five Star - Acting Classes
Posted by: gomez1100
August 16, 2010

"My son has been taking acting classes with John for 2 Ĺ years and he absolutely enjoys attending class every week. He started in the Level I class and has worked his way up to the Advance class. John has helped him develop great auditioning and character development skills, which helped him book roles in short and independent films, a television pilot, as well as internet videos for the Texas Education Agency and the U.S. Census Bureau. He also interns for John and enjoys helping out the students in the other classes and watching them develop into great actors! My son has agency representation in Austin and also has a very promising future in the Los Angeles industry and hopes to live out there someday! Texas Actors Workshop is the best!"

It was worth the search!
Posted by: pytram77
April 28, 2010

"We love Texas Actors Workshop and have since day 1. My kids have the creative outlet they need and love creating stories and acting them out. The students are encouraged to give positive and HELPFUL suggestions to each other and it really works peer to peer. My children never ask to skip class and are eager to participate. Our son had a small extra role in 'Cardboard Dreams', too. That was a great experience for him seeing how filming works. Our daughter is learning so much, I think she's ready to direct. LOL

Great group. You won't be sorry or feel like you're paying too much. Your children will get 'something' from this workshop that will positively impact their future."

The Best Program in San Antonio to Develop Film/TV Actors - By Jesse
Posted by: Allen
April 26, 2010

"Texas Actors Workshop is by far the best program tailored to develop film actors in San Antonio. I have a theatre and tv background of 10 years and put my acting career on hold after I served in the Navy for 7 years. I relocated to San Antonio and decided to find a program to develop my talent. I tried many other programs and agents in San Antonio and felt very discouraged after spending hundreds of dollars on worthless classes and landing no work or film opportunities. After 8 months in Johns program I have gotten lead roles in 6 films and participated in 14 to include the lead in one feature film. I also was the lead in a national commercial that John helped me prepare for. The workshop has various levels or training depending on your skill level. You can learn the basics of auditioning and develop your skills with other actors. Unlike the majority of San Antonio classes and agents, John can give you a list of people/references that he trained that are now acting full time in film and TV. Mr. McAteer knows the industry in Texas and when you are ready he will put you in front of the right agents to take the next steps if you dont have representation. I am passionate about this program because it has helped me in my acting career, given me opportunities, and is helping me pay my bills. Thanks, Jesse Allen"

Texas Actor's Workshop
Posted by: Ashley
April 20, 2010

"There are excellent opportunities to start your acting career with Texas Actor's Workshop! John McAteer truly has a gift for coaching. I have been attending regular classes for several months and I can't believe how much I've strengthened my acting skills in such a short time. If you're interested in this industry, Texas Actor's Workshop is the best place to start. John has a great amount of knowledge about the dedication and professionalism it takes to be successful as an actor and he offers a unique approach to character study that really really works. When ready, Texas Actors Workshop also works with you to prepare you and your skills for agency representation. He and his team truly care about their students' successes and always provide a professional, comfortable, and fun learning environment. Going to classes are my favorite part of each week!?"

Gives this mom peace of mind because...
Posted by: Jen78247
March 29, 2010

"when my elementary school daughter brings a flier home about film acting classes, my "mom radar" immediately kicks in. John McAteer is the real deal, and his staff at Texas Actor's Workshop are professional, friendly and fun! I have observed many classes during my daughter's three years of classes at Texas Actor's Workshop, and John consistently exhibits the patience of Job week after week. My daughter, Juliet, is now represented by an agent in Austin thanks to her enthusiasm for her classes with John and his assistant, Tommy Diebel, and the spot-on guidance she receives from them. I'm so grateful that she has found her niche, and I can't think of better people to share her niche than the wonderful people at Texas Actor's Workshop!?"

Great place to start your career or just have fun
Posted by: Lauren
January 24, 2010

"Fantastic is the best word to describe Texas Actors Workshop. I have two daughters and they have been students of John McAteer since September of 2008. They both really wanted to pursue acting careers but my younger daughter was very shy. I enrolled her in the acting for fun class and she has gained so much confidence. Both my daughters now have representation in Austin and Los Angeles. John truly cares about his students and does all he can to help them reach their goals. If you are serious about your acting career or just want your child to have fun and gain confidence then give Texas Actors Workshop a call. I am so grateful that I did.?"

Texas Actor's Workshop - They are Genuine
Posted by: coromex97
January 17, 2010

"I cannot say enough good things about John McAteer - Texas Actors Workshop. My daughter has learned so much from him and Tommy. John is sincerely interested in seeing his students succeed. My daughter not only has an Agent in Austin, but has representation in Los Angeles. I wish we would have known about Texas Actors Workshop before we did. I would have saved a lot of money and my daughter would be more advanced if she had met John before. If you are interested in getting into the Acting industry, I would highly recommend Texas Actors Workshop. They are honest, caring, understanding, compassionate, and most importantly, they are very ethical. My daughter does not like to miss any of John's classes. Even when Kristen is under the weather, she does not want miss John's class. She enjoys attending his classes and everyone in the class seems to have a lot of fun. John is very welcoming to parents and always keeps you informed in your child's progress. He will spend as much time as needed to explain your child's strengths, areas of improvement and his expectations and goals for your child. I will be forever thankful for all the help John has given my daughter. Thank you John and Tommy for all you have done for Kristen and being so welcoming and sincere. You are awesome! Elsa C."

Texas Actor's Workshop
Posted by: Tana
December 11, 2009

"My daughter has been working with John McAteer's Texas Actor's Workshop for a little over six months. We are very fortunate to have found such an incredible acting coach; San Antonio is so lucky to have him. He's dedicated to the students, he has natural rapport with all ages and personalities, he's an inspiring teacher, he communicates his passion for acting and film to the students and generates a lot of excitement. Students are encouraged to develop their own voice. I love watching his students in class, they're lit up. John is patient, empathetic and unfailingly there for his students; from being absolutely present for each student during class to contacting students for last-minute tips and soothing talks before nerve-wracking auditions. He has never once ended class because 'time was up'. Because of John, my daughter has representation with an Austin agency and a call-back for a Los Angeles agency after only six months of coaching. She has learned so much and refined what came naturally so much in such a short period of time that it's amazing. John's students are prepared because he knows the business inside and out and communicates it in a tailor-made way for each student. As parents of a child actor, it's been an invaluable education about the industry. John's team is also excellent; Tommy's awesome; excellent communication and organization; they don't just coach students in acting but also in navigating the business in Texas and beyond. All positive and supportive people. I can't recommend Texas Actor's Workshop highly enough. "

gain self confidence and work ethic all while doing something children love
Posted by: sara
December 2, 2009

"John McAteer is not only an amazing instructor but he is also a really kind, energetic and smart person.

He is not only my daughter's teacher, but also her friend.

He has taken a hobby and turned it into a serious,beloved passion.He expects a lot from the students and in return gives a tremendous amount of support,time and skills. John's attention to detail is amazing and is evident when the students perform. Whether or not my child's acting career continues, I am thankful for the self confidence and work ethic he has helped to instill. San Antonio is lucky to have him here!!!!"

Best kept secret in San Antonio
Posted by: Jen
November 10, 2009

"If you want the best, Texas Actors Workshop is the place to go. John McAteer is a genius! He is committed to his students and it shows. I have learned so much in his classes and I now have an agent. I have also enrolled my daughter and am enjoying watching her excel at a rapid rate under Johnís coaching."

committed to his students
Posted by: heather
October 26, 2009

"If you want the best, Texas Actors Workshop is the place to go. John McAteer is a genius! He is committed to his students and it shows. I have learned so much in his classes and I now have an agent. I have also enrolled my daughter and am enjoying watching her excel at a rapid rate under Johnís coaching."

Posted by: rickc8
September 22, 2009

"Texas Actors Workshop is a great tool for all new and veteran actors. I am a working actor, and have trained with TAW for about a year. In that time, Iíve seen my acting strengthen in both auditions, and performance. The combination of monologues, scene development, characterization, and internalization of characters help veteran actors keep their skills sharp. The feedback in each class tightens current skills sets, and provides flexibility to explore new techniques. Furthermore, the structure of each class allows new actors to explore their potential, and develop their own style of acting. The environment is very positive, filled with students who want to see each other succeed."

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